Last Saturday was the opening of @momentum, a creative project of fotogroep Cycloop together with two photographers of the Special Art Foundation. The attendees were numerous and enthusiastic. The response was positive and varied.   The Participants are:  Maggy Van Raemdonck, Herman Huys, Ovide Windey, Marie De Maesschalck, Lars Muylaert, Lode Stroobandt. Each artist has his/her own style.

London Analogue Festival

This weekend I visited the london analogue festival. This festival takes place every year. This year my analog photograms where selected and exhibited at OXO Tower Warf. This building is an empty factory with spaces on 5 floors. On each floor there are 3 rooms, decorated as galleries. Afterwards I have visited one

Enjoying a workshop

Last week I attended a workshop at the studio of Blauwhof  to learn the technique of photopolymer etching. A new world has opened up for me. As a base I used photos converted to a photosensitive material that is laminated on a copper plate. After development, I have an image that

Brancusi, Rosso and Man Ray

Last Thursday I went with some colleagues to Rotterdam to see this exhibition. This visit was primarily intended to enjoy the works of Man Ray but when I saw the works of Brancusi and Rosso it was a revelation to me. The three artists have the photography in common, not

Museum Guislain in Ghent

Until June 30 of next year, there is an exhibition about war and trauma in the museum Guislain in Ghent.Besides the many photos there are also paintings, drawings and sculptures to see. One of the most shocking work that there is to see is  the famous collagework of James Nachtwey

Paris Photo 15/11 – 17/11

It is already the 3e time that they organize Paris Photo in the capital of France. Yearly there is a Photofair one year in Paris, the other year in Los Angeles.Together with a few student I went to see the 164 exhibitors of this photofair. Not only the building was

FotoFever 2013 Tour&Taxis

This weekend I visited Photo Fever in Tour & Taxis Brussels.It is an international PhotoFair, already organized for the 5th time. Galleries from all over the world were present.The next edition will be in Paris, the WE of 15-17 november.There was a portrait of one of my favorite photographers Erwin

Unseen Photo Fair 2e Edition

Last weekend I visited Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam. The location was the former Westgasfabriek, from where, since the industrial revolution, the gas was stored and distributed to the homes in the city. On this fascinating site  this second edition of Unseen was organized.There were fifty different international galleries.Only one Belgian

Kröller-Müller Museum

This week Tuesday I visited the Kröller-Müller Museum near Arnhem.This museum has a permanent collection of Impressionist, Expressionist and Cubistart from 1870 to the present. Besides the permanent exhibition of Vincent Van Gogh and his contemporaries was the temporary exhibition review by Jan Fabre. He is one of my favorite artists. There were many of his works, old and new, which I had not seen. It is worth visiting this exhibition, a half day is needed to fully enjoy the deviousness of artworks. One of the fascinating works of Jan Fabre was seen in the great hall of the museum. In the Royal Palace in Brussels, he dressed a ceiling with thousands of beetles. He has taken a piece of this ceiling mounted thereon a wax figure of a black man, with lashes on his back, and other works in the same room linked with the Belgian-Congolese history. Symbols such as Cote d’Or, cut off hands, Leopold II, diamonds, the Belgian franc ……. As fan I bought the book Hortus

Musée de la Photographie – Charleroi

Yesterday, with a number of students I visited the museum in charleroi. After a drive of more than 1 1/2 hour  we arrived. It was already several years since I had visited this museum. Besides the extensive permanent collection of old cameras, old photographs of masterpieces and contemporary pictures, now there are three exhibitions to see. LeonardFreed, an American photographer who took images in the society especially in a tightmanner. Lueck Simon took pictures of older women and placed them in a separated environment and recorded the women with amazing views. Fernand Demeunier: in the early ’40 he took portraits in a special way starting with a softfocuslens and processed through a specific experimental procedure. This gives an almost quaint atmosphere.

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