Herman usually starts from the raw material.

These are examined in a aesthetic manner, explored, adapted, processed into a new “question-setting” forms.

Paper, clay, ceramics, glass, fabric, wire, wood metal, pencil, photographic techniques… the research always lead to a new look, a different look, a new visual language.

The process of making, growing, converging… processed natural beauty into an individuality that is not always simple to understand with a self-releasing hidden mysterious atmosphere.

Symbolic and questioning about being, a critical point of view with regard to his own existence, never pompous, with a wink and a laugh, now poetically or ironically hard.  

In his image as an artist photographer, he goes in search of a commitment, a line, the line that creates a bondage, solidarity.

Strongly present in confrontation with his own mind and environment.

An inner struggle with the (with its) past, elaborated with an eye for detail, straightforward from microscopically large to spatially small.

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