Unseen Photo Fair 2e Edition

Last weekend I visited Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam. The location was the former Westgasfabriek, from where, since the industrial revolution, the gas was stored and distributed to the homes in the city. On this fascinating site  this second edition of Unseen was organized.There were fifty different international galleries.Only one Belgian gallery was present: Stieglitz 19.Most of the photos were of young photographers.The entire site was occupied by the photofair.Bookmarket: various publishers, bookshop selling books, living room movie projection of one of the episodes of Kunstuur from the Dutch television Avro.In one of the buildings you could admire the project of photographer JR. This photographer has already obtained international reputation through his large portrait poster prints of people, he uses a little van as studio. The prints are printed directly on large format.The last work of Erwin Olaf was also present.

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