Raise the red lantern (1991)-Directed by Yimou Zhang with Li Gong and Jingwu Ma.

The director Yimou Zhang have also made “The House of the Flying Daggers” en “Hero”. The film”Raise the Red Lantern” was the first chinese movie that I saw. And it was love at first sight! The story goes like this: the early ’20’s in China, after the dead of her father Songlian is forced to marry an older man Chen Zuoqian who is already married with three women. Each wive is living apart in a great house and the competition between them is very tough. Each night Chen must decide which woman will be staying with him. So when he made his choice, a red lantern is hung before her house. But thing won’t turn out for the best. Not only the story is fantastic, the photography, the lighting and the color red is very amazing. This kind of lighting is very special, it’s support the atmosphere in the several scénes.

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