Brad Trent’s Business People


Brad Trent is an American photographer, working in NYC. This is a test for his serial about Business People.It is also a selfportrait.

Camera: Mostly he uses Canon 1Ds Mark3 but  this is shot with a Hasselblad, 45mm, 1/125sec, f22 to get enough DOF.

Lighting: On the picture you see already what the light setup is. At camera right there is a strobe withe a Fresnelspot on it. This gives a hard direct light.Behind there are two strobes with grid. Fourth strobe is placed near the ground to illuminate a piece of the ground.To get the contrast he wants, he manipulate his picture in PS. On his website there are several kind of projects he’s working on. One project is about  testpictures with the color checker board.

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