Trigger your DSLR with your iPhone, iPad with 12 triggermodes…… Timelapse, HDR and much more

These are the different additional modes:

  • Distance-lapse (Like time-lapse, but takes a photo for every X meters traveled)
  • Eased Timelapse (Like time-lapse, but with 5 different acceleration profiles built-in, making it appear as if time ‘slows down’ and ‘speeds up’ at the beginnings and ends of your timelapse sets)
  • Facial Recognition (“Trigger when 3 faces are visible in the picture”)
  • Magnetic sensor (Like the alarm sensors on doors and windows)
  • HDR mode (up to 19-bracket HDR sets with configurable EV steps)
  • Sun rise calculator (calculates the precise time until sunset and sunrise based on your current location)

On the iTunes store there is a free version of Triggertrap Mobile. I used it already for my iPhonecamera and it is fantastic!! It is a limited edition with only 3 different triggermodes: cable release, seismic and timelapse.

This week I’ll order the dongle to connect my D700 with the trigger and upgrade the Trigger Mobile app.

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