Today I bought the FujiX100. It is a fabulous camera and it is the beginning for me of a new chapter in my photography. Now I can take pictures with an easy to carry camera (rangefinder) and a silent shutter. It is digital, amazing sharp and it got a prime lens (28mm for APS-C sensor) on the body. Manual and Automatic lightmetering. A fantastic camera for street photography (that’s why I bought him).

There’s is nothing beter than a coffee with a FujiX100.


A selfportrait. Putting it in Black and White with LR with little adjustments.


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  1. Tim says:

    And it syncs @ 1/1600!
    Which makes speedlites in full daylight mighty powerfull!
    And the quadra even more fun to use!
    It is indeed a great tool!

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