Frank Croes’ light setup for food

I’ve been a photographer for many years, more than 30, and I still have an interest in new areas of photography. Therefore I took a workshop of 12 hours given by a food photographer Frank Croes Antwerp. The basic light setups for photographing food, I know the tricks, but the fine tuning I ‘ve learned in this workshop. We used an Octabox of 1,5m with a flash Hensel of 1000w/s at 1/4 power. On my Nikon I’ve placed a 85mm with extensiontube to get close. Camerasettings ISO 100 F/11 and shutterspeed 1/125. The Octabox was at 30cm behind the object, a very big lightsource so the shadows where lit and no reflectionscreen was used. The difficulty was placing the several objects in the spoon so that the light gives a shining surface and the shot becomes a commercial picture for placing in an advertising.

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