Expo Students last year Syntra

Last WE the students of the final year where having an Exposition in an old Church in Antwerp.It was a fantastic experience and a lot of people where there to enjoy the pictures of the students.I ‘m very optimistic for the future, these graduates have the potential, through their own style,

Yongnuo YN-568EX is first speedlight in China with HSS now available for Nikon since August 2012

Buying a third-party flashgun from China is a good way to save money, but often it means missing out on features. Until today, no Chinese-branded speedlight has supported “High Speed Sync” (also known as FP Sync or HSS) — the rapid pulsing that permits photographers to use flash at shutter

Workshop nude photography

Last Weekend we organized a workshop about Nude photography.The location was a hotelroom with on the groundfloor a garage. First there was a small explanation how to deal with a model and how you set the lighting. Everyone was enthusiastic. One of the participants had  brought his car in the garage: it was

50 reasons NOT to date a photographer

1.They rather hold their bulky camera, than hold hands with you. 2.On a romantic date, you’ll watch the sun go down and think “Wow this is gorgeous” and they’ll go “mirror lock, tripod, and stop down f/8 at 1/4 second.” 3.You’ll never be able to enjoy tv, movies, or magazines

Need An Affordable Studio Space?

The Inflatable Photo Studio ($495) is the invention of photographer Brian Hedenberg who, like other photogs, is always on the search of finding solutions to weather, lighting. and other exposure-killing factors. The IPS inflates in under 5 minutes to create a 6m x 3m x 13m (lwh) studio complete with re-inforced flooring.

Now available Lightroom 4

The new features in Lightroom 4: Softproofing so you can check what is the result with a certain colorspace or a certain paper Mapmodule: you can tag you pics with gps coordinates Making a photobook with Blurb template Beter highlight and shadow recovery and many more cost new ±130€ upgrade

Larger than life! Pocket Wizard Plus lll Tranceiver

The new PW Plus lll Tranceiver has arrived! The production is starting at the end of this month.There are several new features. It will automatically switch between transmit and receive when needed. It got a range of 500m and with a special knob it goes in Long Range Mode almost double. Channels

Workshop Portrait photography

Again my students learned a lot about lighting and working with a model. This is one of the examples we took during the workshop.

Attention for my Students! Richard Avedon notes for printing;

This is an example of a memo Richard Avedon gave to the person who made ​​his prints. Remember you can dodge&burn in Lightroom and in Photoshop! So the quality will be beter.

Workshop product photography

This Weekend I learned the people of the workshop about lighting objects for still life. How to light glass, metal,jewelry and food.One of the students took this picture. When the workshop was almost done, I put my SB800 in a softbox to show the students that this system of modifying

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