ONE light Field Guide

It’s been a year already that Zach Arias has published his ONE Light Field Guide.It contains 50 pictures and light set ups with several tips&tricks to shoot models and people.It is available on the website of MagCloud and cost $28 + shipping.More info on and

The Laguage of Light

A new set of 2 DVD’s is on the market. Joe McNally explain in several shoots how to light you subject.On location, in the studio, setups and much more. Cost 118€ without transport.

Light it,shoot it,retouch it !

A new book by Scott Kelby.In 12 chapters he explains the basicworkflow: the  photoshoot, the lighting and the postproduction. Not only he uses studio flash but also speedlights to shoot the same scenes.Every thing is in plain simple English with a lot of lightdiagrams and pictures.I bought it in FNAC

Playing with light

Last weekend I did a workshop in Antwerp. The participants were satisfied. The title of the workshop was “Playing with light” Here are a few pictrues.  


Welcome to my blog! A new website and also a new blog. Better than the first one, with more settings to get things done. I’ve been a photographer for 30 years and still have the passion for the job.Besides my work in advertising and portraitdiscipline, I’m also a teacher in

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