light setup

Erwin Olaf’s “Hope”

In the past the Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf worked primarily for fashion and advertising companies. Nowdays he’s working on more personal projects  and they’re all pretty mind-blowing. This image is from his Hope series..It’s beautiful!To create this captured moment of hope, Erwin used 5 lights. Camera: Medium format, with Kodak EPP 100 transparency film and an 80mm

Herman Huys’ cooking with

This picture I took a few days ago. It is one of the many I ‘ve planned in the future about foodphotography. I like to eat but also I like to photograph food. The mainlight is coming from the left. It is a speedlight, the light is shining through Flemish glass.

Brad Trent’s Business People

  Brad Trent is an American photographer, working in NYC. This is a test for his serial about Business People.It is also a selfportrait. Camera: Mostly he uses Canon 1Ds Mark3 but  this is shot with a Hasselblad, 45mm, 1/125sec, f22 to get enough DOF. Lighting: On the picture you

Zach Arias’ bottlebar

This picture is created by Zach Arias. He is an American photographer who uses mostly  just ONE light source. Except for this picture. He made a DVD of his workshops named  “ONE Light”. Camera: Canon 5DMkII, 35mm, ISO 100, f5,6, shutterspeed 1/125. Lighting: Zach used for this a picture one HSF (Canon 580 ex II) with grid (Honl), positioned above the camera so that a butterflylighting created. The power of the flash: 1 / 4 . Under

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