The Laguage of Light

A new set of 2 DVD’s is on the market. Joe McNally explain in several shoots how to light you subject.On location, in the studio, setups and much more. Cost 118€ without transport.

Light it,shoot it,retouch it !

A new book by Scott Kelby.In 12 chapters he explains the basicworkflow: the  photoshoot, the lighting and the postproduction. Not only he uses studio flash but also speedlights to shoot the same scenes.Every thing is in plain simple English with a lot of lightdiagrams and pictures.I bought it in FNAC

Herman Huys’ bondage meat

This picture was taken by Herman Huys. It is one of a series of meat in bondage. Camera: Pase ONE P25 digital back and 80mm Schneider lens with extra ring for macro shot, set on a tripod. Shot at 1 / 125 f22 ISO100. Light: The main light is composed of two soft boxes, placed directly above the subject. This provides uniform illumination, like a ringflash. The sausages are on a plexiplate above 2 open reflectors, that create sthe white background. By a proper ratio of the light from the background and the subject, the

Michael Thompson’s “La Grande Adalisque” with Julianne Moore

This portrait taken in 2003 for the cover of American Photograph magazine pays tribute to Jean-Auguste Ingres’ famous 19th-century painting La Grande Adalisque. Michael was originally supposed to shoot Julianne in a couture dress, but was so inspired by her flawless skin, he switched directions. This is lit with one

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