Annie’s shoot for Vuitton with Keith

Annie Leibovitz toured with the Stones in their hotdays early the 70s. She uses only one extra light and about 10 minutes shootingtime with Keith. It was simple and elegant, and she made that Keith looks very good, the right place for one light. Camera: Canon 1Ds Mark III with 24-70mm lens, handheld

Student’s Lowkey setup

My students may only use one light when they start in the first year. One of the students of the group on Thursday evening have found a light setup on the Flickr community  using one light  to create a wrap aroud effect on the model. We’ve placed one strobe in the background pointed to a white board .The front side is black. Besides this

Katja Helsen’s Glass Soundtrigger

One of my students, Katja, have made a soundtrigger to catch these pictures when they are moving and hitting the wall.In her garage, she constructed a little studio. A flat surface, which is not  placed horizontally, serves as a glider for a skateboard on which five glasses are glued. The correct distance is calculated for the startingpoint of the skateboard.When

Adrian Weinbrecht’s Davidoff shoot

The shoot that Adrian Weinbrecht did for Davidoff is a typical HSS (High Speed Sync) technique.Using a short shutterspeed to blck the sunlight. This is what he wrote: I need 1/1600th Flash sync ! Why ? because I like to have choice when I’m shooting. The 3x images above are

Richard Avedon’s portrait of Willem de Kooning

This portrait of de Kooning taken in 1969 is a prelude to Richard’s American West series. Though it may seem it was taken in the studio, it was actually snapped outdoors in natural light. White paper is taped to the side of a house for the backdrop. Camera: Deardorff 8×10 with 360mm Schneider lens and Kodak

Studio Harcourt Paris

Studio Harcourt is located in Paris and is founded in the early ’30 of the 20e century. The style, that is typical for that period (Hollywoodlighting), they still use it. Camera: In the early day’s of the studio, they took pictures with a large view camera, now it’s al digital

Roger Hagadone’s Amish

Roger’s “naughty polygamist or Amish”,  it takes you a bit by surprise as you look from top to bottom. It was created with 5 lights. Camera: Canon 1Ds Mark3 with 50mm lens, set on a tripod 2,5m from the model. Picture taken at 1/125, f8, ISO 100. Lighting: The main key light

Zach Arias’ bottlebar

This picture is created by Zach Arias. He is an American photographer who uses mostly  just ONE light source. Except for this picture. He made a DVD of his workshops named  “ONE Light”. Camera: Canon 5DMkII, 35mm, ISO 100, f5,6, shutterspeed 1/125. Lighting: Zach used for this a picture one HSF (Canon 580 ex II) with grid (Honl), positioned above the camera so that a butterflylighting created. The power of the flash: 1 / 4 . Under

Joey L’s Holy Man

Joey Lawrence is a young photographer. Since his 7th birthday he is taken pictures. Camera: Canon 5D, 24mm f1,4 with studiolight Lighting: He’s using an Elichrom ranger with a softbox (50x50cm) on it. The distance between the subject and the lightsource is about 2,5m. That’s why the contrast is high

Herman Huys’ bondage meat

This picture was taken by Herman Huys. It is one of a series of meat in bondage. Camera: Pase ONE P25 digital back and 80mm Schneider lens with extra ring for macro shot, set on a tripod. Shot at 1 / 125 f22 ISO100. Light: The main light is composed of two soft boxes, placed directly above the subject. This provides uniform illumination, like a ringflash. The sausages are on a plexiplate above 2 open reflectors, that create sthe white background. By a proper ratio of the light from the background and the subject, the

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