Roger Hagadone’s Amish

Roger’s “naughty polygamist or Amish”,  it takes you a bit by surprise as you look from top to bottom. It was created with 5 lights.

Camera: Canon 1Ds Mark3 with 50mm lens, set on a tripod 2,5m from the model. Picture taken at 1/125, f8, ISO 100.

Lighting: The main key light is a beauty dish set at f8 stand on a boom above the  camera and angled downward. A large octabank at f4 (that means -2 stops lower than the main light)) is placed behind Roger, that’s the  filllight to control the contrast in the scene. At both sides of the model and a little behind: two small striplights, both at f16 (that means +2 stops higher than the main light). They create the hard highlights on both  sides of her face and shoulders. To get more light, detail and the glow in the background Roger placed a small softbox at f11 1/2 (that means +1.5 stops higher than the main light).

Comments: No polygamist will pose like that in front of the camera. So Roger hired a model to make this picture.

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