PROOF (1991)-Directed by  with 

Hugo Weaving’s character “Martin” is a man who has become very rude and cold to people as he has gotten older. The movie goer can see this in the way he treats his housekeeper Celia. He exploits Celia’s feelings for him because he knows that she has a “thing” for him while treating her terribly. He’s a very closeted person emotionally. He starts to open up towards his new friend Andy. Although, Martin is too trustworthy when it comes to Andy, someone he has not known for very long. As the movie progresses the character of Martin changes. He eventually apologizes to Celia for the how bad he’s treated her. He even becomes accepting of Andy’s faults and also realizes he was wrong about his mother too.The life of a blind photographer who is looked after by a housekeeper is disrupted by the arrival of an agreeable restaurant worker.
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