Legocamera takes great large format pictures

Photographer Cary Norton has created a fully-functional large-format camera made almost entirely from Lego bricks. The Legotron shoots 4×5 plates, and is equipped with a 127mm lens. Save for the lens and a piece of sanded plexiglas that serves as the Legotron’s ground glass plate, the entire piece is made from Lego pieces of different sizes and shapes.

Most importantly, the pictures look great too. While the focus range is fairly limited, the portraits that Norton has shot look really good. According to his website, he’s “COMPLETELY FREAKING STOKED” about the capabilities of the Legotron.

If you’re interested in the process, Norton has posted photos from the build on his website, so you can see how it’s done.

[Legotron Mark I via Photojojo]

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