Expo Nan Goldin

Saturday, November 27, 2010, together with my colleague Sigrid and 15 students, we visited an exhibition in the Photomuseum of Rotterdam. The hotographers Nan Goldin and Duane Michals were the guests. It were two very different exhibitions. Nan Goldin is known for her raw photography. Her technical skills are poor. No rules for the compositie. Blurry pictures. Overexposed rare flash and bad shots. Subjects are mostly friends from her immediate surroundings: transvestites, gaypeople, her family, her ‘tribe’. But what power, what an emotion!! She showed the intimacy of its surroundings. Very recognizable, very fragile. I was impressed, even hours later…… It was the first time that I saw so many of her work together.
This exhibition showed 6 slideshows of various durations. The shortest was 15min the longest  45min. Due to the large amount of slides (I counted almost 1800!!) they had the impression that you were sucked into the life of Nan Goldin .Wonderful! You can visit the expo until 2 jan 2011. Enjoy!

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