Enjoying a workshop

Last week I attended a workshop at the studio of Blauwhof  to learn the technique of photopolymer etching. A new world has opened up for me. As a base I used photos converted to a photosensitive material that is laminated on a copper plate. After development, I have an image that

Workshop with model Christelle

Christelle, a model from Canada (travelling around the world) was last WE in Belgium. So we decided to take the opportunity to work with her during a workshop. She is already working since 2005 for a lot of photographers. She has a natural look.Next month we have a new model.

Workshop with Danika

Last Saturday we gave a workshop with Danika. She is Filipino but  she lives already six years in Rotterdam. The location was a meetingroom somewhere in Antwerp. Nice location with a balcony and steal stairway.Next month we have a new model. Check the website

One Light vs Many Lights

Next month in Asia there will be a workshops with the 2 Strobist-Masters.

Workshop nude photography

Last Weekend we organized a workshop about Nude photography.The location was a hotelroom with on the groundfloor a garage. First there was a small explanation how to deal with a model and how you set the lighting. Everyone was enthusiastic. One of the participants had  brought his car in the garage: it was

Workshop Portrait photography

Again my students learned a lot about lighting and working with a model. This is one of the examples we took during the workshop.

Workshop product photography

This Weekend I learned the people of the workshop about lighting objects for still life. How to light glass, metal,jewelry and food.One of the students took this picture. When the workshop was almost done, I put my SB800 in a softbox to show the students that this system of modifying

Playing with light

Last weekend I did a workshop in Antwerp. The participants were satisfied. The title of the workshop was “Playing with light” Here are a few pictrues.  

Learning Strobist

Today I took my students outside and we practiced the system of Strobist. I found, in a park near Antwerp, a small forest where we had prepared three bare strobes. Aperture  f4-4, 5 shutterspeed 1 /125.  It was a cloudy day with a little bit of rain. Thanks to Guy who took the pictures.

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