What’s the light setup?

David Art’s Two lights setup clampshell

For this portrait David Art used two strobes, one above the model and one below the camera. For the rim light there is a reflector behind the model. This light setup is called a clampshell.           He shot this picture with a Canon EOS 5D Mark

Joey L snowblizzard

Joey L is a NYC based photographer. Young and ambitious. Working for several magazine all around the world. His photoshoot about a indoor snow blizzard is made with a great Octabox, two rim lights Beatydishes and two light with umbrella to light up the background. During the shoot there was

Umbrella’s lighting

It nice to have an umbrella when you’re shooting. Just put a speedlight into an umbrella, set the modus on TTL with a negative Exposure Value, use a longer cameraspeed and shoot away!  

Annie Leibovitz’ Disney scene with Queen Latifah as model

Here is Queen Latifah portrayed as Ursula from the Little Mermaid. I put some behind the scenes photos of the set from different angles. To camera right, a large octobank shooting through a large diffusion panel toward the Queen. Two large strip banks on either side of the camera, low,

Herman Huys Pre Valentine’s Day

In this picture I used a white background. I’ve placed 2 strobes on the background to give it a white effect. To control the shadow , near my camera on the left side there is a strobe with an umbrella and on the right side there is a reflector. I’ve

Erwin Olaf’s “Hope”

In the past the Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf worked primarily for fashion and advertising companies. Nowdays he’s working on more personal projects  and they’re all pretty mind-blowing. This image is from his Hope series..It’s beautiful!To create this captured moment of hope, Erwin used 5 lights. Camera: Medium format, with Kodak EPP 100 transparency film and an 80mm

Super sexy lighting to Dsquared by photographers Mert & Marcus

This image is made for the Dsquared2’s “Aseptic Chic” fall/winter 2010 ad campaign.It was shot this with seven lights. Camera: Hasselblad 553 ELX with Phase One P45+ digital back and 80mm lens, handheld 2,5m back. Shot at 1/125, f11, ISO 100. Lighting: Our foreground model on display is lit with a 20cm grid reflector and 30°

Brad Trent’s Portraits

Every year my students have to talk about a photographer.This time someone had Brad Trent, an American photographer as subject. Brad Trent is shooting portraits with the help of additional flash in combination of  ambient light. The postproduction makes the pictures harder, more saturation, rimlights who are flashing and higher sharpness.It

Herman Huys’ cooking with

This picture I took a few days ago. It is one of the many I ‘ve planned in the future about foodphotography. I like to eat but also I like to photograph food. The mainlight is coming from the left. It is a speedlight, the light is shining through Flemish glass.

Milk Workshop

Fantastic photography with milk as liquid and special postproduction. www.aurumlight.com

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