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Attention for my Students! Richard Avedon notes for printing;

This is an example of a memo Richard Avedon gave to the person who made ​​his prints. Remember you can dodge&burn in Lightroom and in Photoshop! So the quality will be beter.

Marilyn Monroe & Helmut Newton

Workshop product photography

This Weekend I learned the people of the workshop about lighting objects for still life. How to light glass, metal,jewelry and food.One of the students took this picture. When the workshop was almost done, I put my SB800 in a softbox to show the students that this system of modifying

ONE light Field Guide

It’s been a year already that Zach Arias has published his ONE Light Field Guide.It contains 50 pictures and light set ups with several tips&tricks to shoot models and people.It is available on the website of MagCloud and cost $28 + shipping.More info on http://www.magcloud.com/browse/Issue/131277 and http://zackarias.com/blog/page/3/

The Laguage of Light

A new set of 2 DVD’s is on the market. Joe McNally explain in several shoots how to light you subject.On location, in the studio, setups and much more. Cost 118€ without transport. http://www.joemcnally.com/blog/2011/01/30/introducing-the-language-of-light/

Light it,shoot it,retouch it !

A new book by Scott Kelby.In 12 chapters he explains the basicworkflow: the  photoshoot, the lighting and the postproduction. Not only he uses studio flash but also speedlights to shoot the same scenes.Every thing is in plain simple English with a lot of lightdiagrams and pictures.I bought it in FNAC

Falconer by sunset

After my shoot of today (a personal project about children, see later) I met, in the scéne I was shooting, a falconer who was training his bird . The bird is 4 years old, a little bit lazy but OK. I asked the trainer for a picture of him and

Lucky Shot

Playing with light

Last weekend I did a workshop in Antwerp. The participants were satisfied. The title of the workshop was “Playing with light” Here are a few pictrues.  


Photograph by Ade Santora

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