Pictures from my Students

Expo Students last year Syntra

Last WE the students of the final year where having an Exposition in an old Church in Antwerp.It was a fantastic experience and a lot of people where there to enjoy the pictures of the students.I ‘m very optimistic for the future, these graduates have the potential, through their own style,

Student’s Lowkey setup

My students may only use one light when they start in the first year. One of the students of the group on Thursday evening have found a light setup on the Flickr community  using one light  to create a wrap aroud effect on the model. We’ve placed one strobe in the background pointed to a white board .The front side is black. Besides this

New pics from students/2

In this Blog I put some pics from my students.Enjoy 🙂 Raf Balrak Jill Bertels Marijke Lambrechts Raf Balrak

New pics from students/1

In this Blog I put some pics from my students.Enjoy 🙂 Edith Büscher Katrien Geboers Gosia Malgorzata Tim Roosemont Kevin Flot Jurgen Van Gorp Valentine Van der Hauwert

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