Travelling light on the road

Today I had a small assignment for a client who lives 1km from my studio.Travelling light will do the job: camerabag with camera, 2 lenses, 2 speedlights, PW, 2 swivels, batteries all that carrying on my back. On the bike 2 lightstands and a camerastand.

Stunning Location Photography with Photographer Drew Gardner

Vanishing Cultures, by Dennis Manarchy

Dennis Manarchy, world-renowned photographer, has spent 10 years constructing by hand a prototype 35-foot long traditional FILM camera that produces 4.5-foot by 6-foot negatives with unbelievable visual detail. Support his Kickstarter project! http://www.kickstarter.com/

Legocamera takes great large format pictures

Photographer Cary Norton has created a fully-functional large-format camera made almost entirely from Lego bricks. The Legotron shoots 4×5 plates, and is equipped with a 127mm lens. Save for the lens and a piece of sanded plexiglas that serves as the Legotron’s ground glass plate, the entire piece is made from

Advice for Young Photographers from Magnum Photographer Christopher Anderson

Capture ONE Pro 7

The best raw editingmachine there is.  

Tourist/Art Graduate

The difference between a tourist and somebody who is an art graduate in photography.

Comparison with Visatec

On the site of Broncolor you can compare the different lightshapers. This is a handy tool to see the effect of the modifiers of Visatec. Left and right you have the same submenu, so you can easily compare. With most modifiers they’ve put also the size of them, so  you can compare them with your own studiostrobes.http://www.visatec.com/visatec/tutorials/light-comparison/

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