Analogue Stuff

London Analogue Festival

This weekend I visited the london analogue festival. This festival takes place every year. This year my analog photograms where selected and exhibited at OXO Tower Warf. This building is an empty factory with spaces on 5 floors. On each floor there are 3 rooms, decorated as galleries. Afterwards I have visited one


It has been, since 1998, that I  have printed an analog picture in the darkroom because my clients asked for digital files. Now I restarted my DarkRoom in the backspace of my working area. The first picture I’ve made in the new DarkRoom is a photogram ( = without a camera

The Hartman Titan Pinhole Camera

It’s hard to believe in the digital age of megapixels, fantastic lenses and fast computing that there is still a market for getting back to the absolute basics of photography, but surprisingly this is the case. There is really nothing simpler than a pinhole camera as it’s essentially a lightproof

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