New pics from students/1

In this Blog I put some pics from my students.Enjoy 🙂 Edith Büscher Katrien Geboers Gosia Malgorzata Tim Roosemont Kevin Flot Jurgen Van Gorp Valentine Van der Hauwert

Screaming Herman

Start of a new style. 🙂

Kröller-Müller Museum

This week Tuesday I visited the Kröller-Müller Museum near Arnhem.This museum has a permanent collection of Impressionist, Expressionist and Cubistart from 1870 to the present. Besides the permanent exhibition of Vincent Van Gogh and his contemporaries was the temporary exhibition review by Jan Fabre. He is one of my favorite artists. There were many of his works, old and new, which I had not seen. It is worth visiting this exhibition, a half day is needed to fully enjoy the deviousness of artworks. One of the fascinating works of Jan Fabre was seen in the great hall of the museum. In the Royal Palace in Brussels, he dressed a ceiling with thousands of beetles. He has taken a piece of this ceiling mounted thereon a wax figure of a black man, with lashes on his back, and other works in the same room linked with the Belgian-Congolese history. Symbols such as Cote d’Or, cut off hands, Leopold II, diamonds, the Belgian franc ……. As fan I bought the book Hortus

Comparison with Visatec

On the site of Broncolor you can compare the different lightshapers. This is a handy tool to see the effect of the modifiers of Visatec. Left and right you have the same submenu, so you can easily compare. With most modifiers they’ve put also the size of them, so  you can compare them with your own studiostrobes.http://www.visatec.com/visatec/tutorials/light-comparison/

Two sausages

At last I put a big picture (1m2) on my facade. It is a picture of one of my new upcoming projects about meat and bondage.

Michael Thompson’s “La Grande Adalisque” with Julianne Moore

This portrait taken in 2003 for the cover of American Photograph magazine pays tribute to Jean-Auguste Ingres’ famous 19th-century painting La Grande Adalisque. Michael was originally supposed to shoot Julianne in a couture dress, but was so inspired by her flawless skin, he switched directions. This is lit with one

Musée de la Photographie – Charleroi

Yesterday, with a number of students I visited the museum in charleroi. After a drive of more than 1 1/2 hour  we arrived. It was already several years since I had visited this museum. Besides the extensive permanent collection of old cameras, old photographs of masterpieces and contemporary pictures, now there are three exhibitions to see. LeonardFreed, an American photographer who took images in the society especially in a tightmanner. Lueck Simon took pictures of older women and placed them in a separated environment and recorded the women with amazing views. Fernand Demeunier: in the early ’40 he took portraits in a special way starting with a softfocuslens and processed through a specific experimental procedure. This gives an almost quaint atmosphere.

Learning Strobist

Today I took my students outside and we practiced the system of Strobist. I found, in a park near Antwerp, a small forest where we had prepared three bare strobes. Aperture  f4-4, 5 shutterspeed 1 /125.  It was a cloudy day with a little bit of rain. Thanks to Guy who took the pictures.

Locomotive Breath (Jetro Tull)

Today I visited my granddaughters, one of them made something nice: a Locomotive Breath with carbon.


SIN CITY (2005) Directed by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriquez Sin City is an adaptation of the comics of Frank Miller by the talented director Robert Rodriguez (El Mariachi, Spy Kids). The camera angles and the lighting are different from other films and the cartooncharacters are real (see the photo

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