Annie’s shoot for Vuitton with Keith

Annie Leibovitz toured with the Stones in their hotdays early the 70s.
She uses only one extra light and about 10 minutes shootingtime with Keith. It was simple and elegant, and she made that Keith looks very good, the right place for one light.

Camera: Canon 1Ds Mark III with 24-70mm lens, handheld 1.5m back. Shot at 1/60, f5.6, ISO 200.

Lighting: The key light is an inexpensive Photek Softlighter at f5.6 handheld on a boom by an assistant. It’s 1.2m to camera left and 2.3m high. Though the lamps and light behind the door appear to be strobes, the light was amplified in post.

Comments:  To distract Keith he had a cup of tea (English Breakfast) and when you noticed carefully it is empty.

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