Adrian Weinbrecht’s Davidoff shoot

The shoot that Adrian Weinbrecht did for Davidoff is a typical HSS (High Speed Sync) technique.Using a short shutterspeed to blck the sunlight. This is what he wrote:

I need 1/1600th Flash sync ! Why ? because I like to have choice when I’m shooting. The 3x images above are actually a screen grab from Capture One. So this is before any retouching, honestly.  We always strive to get it right in camera.

This was a shoot last summer for Davidoff. We had a super bright, hot and sunny day in London. (Yes they do Happen)  I wanted to show the muscularity of the model, obviously  the best way to do this is with lighting. The sun was so bright though, that I needed to shoot at a high shutter speed to bring the ambient light down, so I could then light into this shadow to create some form on the muscles.

Now it’s the Pushup set up.  The Technical stuff: I’m using Elinchrom Lights with a Phase One DF camera with the P65+ Digital Back iso50,  Schneider Kreuznach lenses.  The high-speed wireless  sync is achieved using the Profoto Air Sync Transceivers on the lights. I’m using a Phase One V Grip Air to send the signal, I laughed when Phase One sent me an early prototype of the V Grip. I did end up buying one though and I use it all the time, so they had the last laugh.

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