What's the light setup? 

Zach Arias’ bottlebar

This picture is created by Zach Arias. He is an American photographer who uses mostly  just ONE light source. Except for this picture. He made a DVD of his workshops named  “ONE Light”.

Camera: Canon 5DMkII, 35mm, ISO 100, f5,6, shutterspeed 1/125.

Lighting: Zach used for this a picture one HSF (Canon 580 ex II) with grid (Honl), positioned above the camera so that a butterflylighting created. The power of the flash: 1 / 4 . Under the table, he has mounted three HSF (Nikon SB800) set power to 1 / 64. Everything is so balanced that he obtained a good result.
ps in 2003 he bought his first Nikon D100, second hand. Now in 2011, he sold everything and switched to Canon. http://zackarias.com

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