Anniversary of “Hybriden”

Today it is the 25th anniversary of the Hybriden project. Combinations of different types of plants resulted in a project consisting of 12 photos mounted in a home-made wooden frame, with on the bottom on each picture, I’ve mounted  a Japanese haiku. It costed me 6 months working on this project to bring  to a good end. Making the frames themselves, making the Haiku’s and mount them under the pictures. Painting and varnishing. Each image has a size of 60x80cm. This first version are “pièce unique”. The second version was printed on…

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Flexilis VIII

After a lot of experimentation with different materials and different techniques a new serial is born. These eight different prints have a size of 5 x 5 cm and a single color. Only two of them are with a little gold insight the print. With this technique, it is not possible to obtain the same result over and over again. That makes it so fascinating to work with this technique. The size is determined by the size of the base that I use. Enjoy the result. 😉

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Movies about photographers 

Gentlemen’s Relish

Gentlemen’s Relish (2001) – Directed by Douglas Mackinnon with  Billy Connolly,  Sarah Lancashire,  Douglas Henshall In this hysterically high-spirited comedy set in early 20th-century London, frustrated artist Kingdom Swann, played by Billy Connolly,  accepts a life-changing gift of a camera. Starting a new career in photography, he expresses his artistic aptitude in more unrestrained portraits of nudes in classical settings and thus subjects himself in the limelight of scornful notoriety!

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Last Saturday was the opening of @momentum, a creative project of fotogroep Cycloop together with two photographers of the Special Art Foundation. The attendees were numerous and enthusiastic. The response was positive and varied.   The Participants are:  Maggy Van Raemdonck, Herman Huys, Ovide Windey, Marie De Maesschalck, Lars Muylaert, Lode Stroobandt. Each artist has his/her own style. Ovide is  looking for the “Stone City” and makes stil lifes, Marie shows old and new work, mainly portraits, Maggy is photographing her own environment, Norbert is the poet of the group and for the first time he is presenting pictures in poetrystyle,…

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