One of my specialties is photographing artwork. By itself, it might be not an interesting job but it does require expertise and experience to get the right result. 🙂

Mark Dedrie °1962 Belgian sculptorMark Dedrie °1962 Belgian sculptorJaak Neve °1942 Belgian painter and sculptorJaak Neve °1942 Belgian painter and sculptorWeyers%26Borms Belgian designerteamMartine Van de Walle °1968 Belgian painterVeerle Van Overloop °1976 Belgian ceramist home of Zhan Wang °1962 Chineese sculptor of fantastic metal contructionsPaul Delvaux °1897-1994 Belgian painterAlberto Giacometti °1901-1966 Swiss sculptorBram Bogart °1921-2012 Dutch/Belgian painter and sculptorGerard Holmens °1934-1995 Belgiam sculptor specialist in marble artwork