What's the light setup? 

Joey L snowblizzard

Joey L is a NYC based photographer. Young and ambitious. Working for several magazine all around the world. His photoshoot about a indoor snow blizzard is made with a great Octabox, two rim lights Beatydishes and two light with umbrella to light up the background. During the shoot there was an audience : his students. He is using Mamiya 645DF medium format P65+ digital back and 80mm/2,8 lens. His flashes are Profoto and Elinchrom. But with speed lights you can get the same result 😉

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Artist's Work Print 

What did I saw in my microscope this morning?

Funny how some things seems to flow into each other. After some experiments with different printingtechniques and materials I ‘ve reached nine works that gave me satisfaction. By combining different materials with the same kind of ink “The Microscoop Images” were born. Now I have to give a Latin name each of the round-shaped images, frame them and a place them in my home. Maybe I can use this framed work for the next expo in September this year.

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Analogue Stuff Visiting 

London Analogue Festival

This weekend I visited the london analogue festival. This festival takes place every year. This year my analog photograms where selected and exhibited at OXO Tower Warf. This building is an empty factory with spaces on 5 floors. On each floor there are 3 rooms, decorated as galleries. Afterwards I have visited one of the largest stores in London where you can buy analogue products:  Silverprint. And I did 😉 The next stop was Tate Modern, an old power plant. A fantastic panorama inside and outside.

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Visiting Workshops 

Enjoying a workshop

Last week I attended a workshop at the studio of Blauwhof  to learn the technique of photopolymer etching. A new world has opened up for me. As a base I used photos converted to a photosensitive material that is laminated on a copper plate. After development, I have an image that I inked and then printed on papier. A fascinating technique which I want to continue. In the final design, I used chinese ink on a transparent sheet to obtain a drawing: a beautiful and subtle drawing arise.  

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